5 Steps to increase sales on your website


Website determines the success of yours eCommerce business. Having a website is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business. Customers don’t attracted by your “door”, that means your business has failed! Here are 5 steps to increase sales on your website: Continue reading


Website optimization: A masterpiece on creating perfect online store

website-optimization-creating-perfect-online-storeWebsite optimization enhances the performance of ecommerce websites and helps earning money back from many sources.

What would it be like if your site takes part in an optimization revolution? How Optimization process turn a successful ecommerce business on? Why ecommerce websites should be optimized? These following knowledge will help you break the ice.

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How retailers are setting up to get mobile customers in National Day of Happiness


According to some newest statistics, the number of mobile users will reach 4.77 billion this year (www.statista.com) . This sign presents a big chance for all retailers to get more from mobile devices shoppers, especially on an important day like International Day of Happiness.


With this in mind, retailers should take their opportunity to show what’s their best to customers. Here’s how retailers are setting up to get buyers on National Day of Happiness. Continue reading

7 reasons why the bounce rate of your ecommerce sites remain high

bounce-rate-get-destroyedBounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who leave your website immediately. It means the lower bounce rate number the better work you done! It’s maybe nothing but what would change your online business career later.

You spent time and money on making interesting content. Your posts contain attractive images. Your theme has followed the newest trend. It’s when you realize that your traffic has started to increase every day. However, have you ever questioned yourself why most of your visitors still leaving your sites? The truth is that there’re still some background problems which you don’t really figure out.
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Affiliate marketing is one of simplest and most cost effective ways for website owners to increase their traffic and sales. It will benefit website of all sizes, and can be well worth the minimal effort that it takes to set up and manage. A UK Company which provides websites and web services revealed that “Though being a small business, we have enjoyed the successful Affiliate program with over 90% of revenue from this channel every month.” Read more to know why and how to start affiliate program. Continue reading



If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to competitive in the online or offline market. Or you want to earn an extra income 1000$ each month that made from 10$ and so many things you want to have an effective business. That’s the reason why you need a website-important marketing channel in 5 Tips for successfull business development. If you’re still not convinced that your business needs a website, here are 4 reasons: Continue reading