7 reasons why the bounce rate of your ecommerce sites remain high

bounce-rate-get-destroyedBounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who leave your website immediately. It means the lower bounce rate number the better work you done! It’s maybe nothing but what would change your online business career later.

You spent time and money on making interesting content. Your posts contain attractive images. Your theme has followed the newest trend. It’s when you realize that your traffic has started to increase every day. However, have you ever questioned yourself why most of your visitors still leaving your sites? The truth is that there’re still some background problems which you don’t really figure out.

I’ve collected the seven main factors that affect the bounce rate in this article. Let’s check them together!

  1. Content is difficult to read and design is outdated


Don’t make your content to hard to read!

Sometimes customers’ decision mainly depends on what they see first. It means the appearance of your website play a vital part to help them to decide. Smart organized sites can bring you more leads. Beside sites’ look, articles’ content is also important too. For example, younger customers prefer to read colorful article than traditional one.

There’re some tips can make customers happy to read your content such as: set your title large and clear to read or change site’s default font to a specific one.

  1.   Advertisements cover too much space


Advertisements are everywhere

Customers can accept to see advertisements somewhere on your site because they know it’s your part of business’ income. But too many advertisements will dominate your landing page which means less content would be shown. As the result of that, your customers can not find much content to read which badly affect your site bounce rate.

This problem could be fixing by installing a custom developed website. The visitors find for valuable content not those ads.

  1.   Your website loading speed


Loading is not funny!

Don’t underestimate your website loading speed. I can sure about one fact that visitors will not wait for ten seconds to explore a website when they have hundreds choice on search results. Google also prefers faster link and SEO is an easy way to solve that issue.  Professional SEO masters always encourage entrepreneurs increase their site’s loading speed.

Let’s get some extensions from provider to help your loading speed faster. Or you can choose ecommerce platform fit that perfectly from beginning like: Magento, WordPress,…

  1.   Auto play


autoply is really weird

According to a survey, a large number of customer feel uncomfortable when visit a site that videos start automatically. Visitors seek for content they need. If you flood them with irrelevant content, you will lose as customers in no time.

  1.   Your website does not have repsonsive design


Hi! We’re friendly responsive design.

Mobile phone applications have rapidly grown for a last few years. Wiki state that It will result in revenue share of mobile money reaching up to 9% by 2018. The number of customer through mobile devices also follows those trends. According to some statistics, 30% of people making purchases from their mobile disrupt when they find the site is not responsive.

  1.   Your articles does not point out these advantages of your products


Show your abilities

High bounce rate also come from which content your website show. In order to persuade your customers and create opportunities to sell your products, you have to give clear product information and highlight why your products are different from the others.

  1.   Poor navigation system


Really? How I trust navigation system?

You have got some troubles finding something on the internet, haven’t you? What would you think about a complicated searching system? Is it time consuming? If you can answer these questions you will know what trouble a low quality navigation system can cause. Your customers will have the same thought. That’s why it can destroy what you’ve tried to reach.

What should we do in this situation? Should we restructure our website? The answer is “no”. The best way to get things right is finding some extensions can help your searching system work more ecffective.

In summary, this article’s purpose is showing you definition of bounce rate, its importance and how to decrease the bounce rate percentages on your website, especially ecommerce website. Be sure that you catch the idea of bounce rate.



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