7 steps to write perfect SEO-optimized articles

It’s essential to get traffics for your Ecommerce business and the shortest way is using  SEO-optimized articles. The question is : “How to make an article great with SEO?”.

In this article I will share 7 main steps for writing SEO optimized articles that will rank higher in search results.


Writing to rank 1 is on your hand!

There are many ways to maintain the highest rank in ecommerce business but content remain the same importance there. That why SEOers say: “content is king, backlink is queen.”


1. Make it clear about subject of article


Choose a right topic to prove your enthusiasm

It is critical that your whole content must flow one way as it helps website optimization progress stronger in every aspects. So your main subject must be a detailed field.  For example, you should write “How to study English grammar” instead of “How to studyEnglish?”. Be patient when you are just beginner or you’ll fail.


2. Check keywords carefully


Keywords show the main purpose of article

The first thing you need to do is trying to put yourself in the readers’ position. “What will they find?” “What do they need about that subject?”. Find out the answer by using tool like :google keyword planner or google suggest to get more idea about keywords and using them in your article after that. Remember to check keywords carefully. Think about five or six keywords that readers will use.


3. Organize an outline for your article


Outline makes article better

Don’t forget to make an outline for each article if you don’t want to turn your article into a mess. A beginner copywriting can easily lost the way when they sink in words.


4.  Begin to write


Let’s get the work done!

Don’t worry about your literature mark. Google doesn’t mark your writing style but google wants a fluent content. The quality of your article plays an important role here. Articles’ quality can be promoted by identifying readers’ reading trend.

5. Choose an amazing title


How your title attract readers?

What is “amazing title”? That title must contain keywords and have something to attract readers. To make it clear, your keywords is the most important. Your description is on second place. There’s a truth that readers prefer to click on shocking titles. What will customers think about your article? What should we do to make it better? Try solving them by setting “cool” title.

Moreover, heading tags take the first place in readers (later could be customers) priority concerns diagram as it’s the one which they see first. Not only your website structure but your content must flow along. It also helps keeping your bounce rate low.


6. Analyze your enemies


Know your enemies, claim your victory

Master yourself, master enemies. You can’t succeed without understanding your enemies. Checking top 10 enemies’ information is necessary as well as writing too. Your task is to add content your enemies don’t and use your enemies as a reference source to figure out what you lack.

Beware of their responsive version. Retailers’ world are now becoming more and more competitive which mean doing ecommerce on mobile phones stand all chances. However, there must be content to attract people no matter what ways. Building your responsive site’s content carefully only can help your business better.


7. Optimize key words when writing


Keywords hold article’s life

Keep an eye on key words density ( 1-3% is good).

here is a list of writing instructions that enhance your article:

  • Optimize heading tag.
  • Use Internal links.
  • Make an ALT tag for each image.
  • Spend time on content, make sure readers like it.

It’s always hard to succeed in writing content which is perfectly optimized. I personally hope my experience can help you guys find your own way to write perfect content for SEO marketing.

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