9 Tips for Entrepreuners to succeed in Ecommerce Business


Ecommerce is a new way to gain profit to businessmen. However, not everyone can achieve the same thing without learning. Here is some useful information to make your Ecommerce business easier.

1.      Spend time for web launching


Lauching a website is the first step

One of the biggest mistakes many Ecommerce entrepreneurs make is skipping or rushing the launch of website. This is all wrong when you have only one chance to show what you’ve prepared into the internet. Be patient until you have set up some substantial groundwork like: web optimizing, Advertising, content building …

2.      Be sure users feel like they are kings


User experiences is king today

The aim of ecommerce is to spread your brand then make money online. That’s why user is king. Let’s make it easier for them to get information by customizing your website.

3.      Test everything

test-everything-help-succeed-in-ecommerc-businessBefore and during the launch your own ecommerce business, you must get your website tested. Put yourself in the customer position and think about every aspect of things: what’s working, what’s not and then try to solve them.

4.      Get more customers with social media


Social Media is popular now. Take the chance from there.

It’s fine to say that social media keep your business alive, as it gives you a straight look into the lives of your customers. The way to customer’s heart could be easily opened by social media. Get a social-media manager for your website is important as well.

5.      Incorporate social elements


Like,like,like! Everyone addicted to it!

It’s a great idea to set up some social element extensions on your ecommerce sites when you got a social-media manager. To have something like “product review” or “follow button” or “like that product” in your business sites not only make them friendlier but also can get some more traffic.

6.      Have mobile version for website as well


This is the era of mobile phones

In previous years, mobile phone is not what you want to spend money on. However, with the evolution of technology, mobile phones are now faster and smarter. According to Bill Siwicki of Internet Retailer: “Tablet will play an increasingly important role as worldwide consumer spending via mobile jumps from $204 Billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018”. Retailers are now realizing the potential of mobile ecommerce sites in attracting customers. Set up ecommerce business without mobile version website means you lose a large amount of customers.

7.      Be sure you are on top of SEO


Fly with SEO!

As the growth of ecommerce, more and more people will soon realize SEO’s importance, which means being on top of SEO can help you out of competition trouble. SEO is what you need for an enduring war. It’s better to get started to optimize your site as soon as posible. Pay attention on your content by answering these questions : how can it optimized? What can do to optimize? Once your site’s content is perfectly optimized, you can sleep tight without worrying about bounce rate and your rank too.

8.      Collect customers information


Have customers’ information, own them.

With a long-term plan, it’s crucial to collect customer information.The key purposes here is to build your own customer databases. Don’t pass this valuable source.

9.      Frequent update


Remember to update regularly

Finally, never stop evolving. Technology will change soon, this also happens to trends and customers. So if you want to succeed in ecommerce business, the only thing you can do is to adapt. Don’t worry, there are many extensions can make your site better, try it!

Starting your own ecommerce business is not easy and I hope that these tips can play a part to help you on the way to become a succesful ecommerce entrepreneur.


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