Affiliate marketing is one of simplest and most cost effective ways for website owners to increase their traffic and sales. It will benefit website of all sizes, and can be well worth the minimal effort that it takes to set up and manage. A UK Company which provides websites and web services revealed that “Though being a small business, we have enjoyed the successful Affiliate program with over 90% of revenue from this channel every month.” Read more to know why and how to start affiliate program.

1. What is affiliate marketing?


An affiliate program is an automated advertising system that will promote your products or services round the clock. Affiliates will join your system, promote your products and your website will get more traffic. Once customers come through the link affiliates share or use coupon codes that affiliates share to buy products, affiliates will get commissions based on a specific rate.

2. Reasons why to start affiliate program

  • Start with low price: Building an affiliate program is not going to cost you thousands, most companies offer a starting version of affiliate software for about $30/month.
  • Just pay for working ads: You pay to your affiliates just when they bring a successful sale, never waste money for ads that don’t work.
  • Increase potential customers: The affiliates’ ads placed on their sites will drive traffic to your website.
  • Save your money: You don’t have to pay to employees even when the sales are not increasing, employ less workers and pay to your affiliates only when they bring you a sale.
  • Self-Control: The whole affiliate system is under your control, just you are allowed to set commisions rates, create promoting banners and links, send payments to your affiliates, see and control every element of your affiliate program.
  • SEO Friendly: Inbound links are highly important in raising Page Rank and overall search engine rankings, get more quality inbound links from your affiliates. You can predict their sites are relevant, this fact will boost your ranking even more.

3. 5 step to start affiliate program

  • Plan and build your Affiliate Program:Set attractive commission, discount & payout requirement based on your marketing strategy.
  • Provide the tools for your affiliates: Create banners, links, widgets, etc. so referrals can use them right away without any technical knowledge.
  • Start recruiting affiliates: Make affiliate signup process and referral programs obvious and simple to attract participants.
  • Track affiliates’ performance: Monitor, review and filter transactions, reports of affiliates and referral programs.
  • Payout: Choose among various payment methods to pay for your affiliates based on specific withdrawal requirements.

Affiliate progarm is one of 5 Steps to increase sales on your website. Are you ready for making your business more effectively ?


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