Website optimization: A masterpiece on creating perfect online store

website-optimization-creating-perfect-online-storeWebsite optimization enhances the performance of ecommerce websites and helps earning money back from many sources.

What would it be like if your site takes part in an optimization revolution? How Optimization process turn a successful ecommerce business on? Why ecommerce websites should be optimized? These following knowledge will help you break the ice.

Website Optimization Definition


According to Wikipedia, Website Optimization which also known as Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customer. Website optimization usually referred to any action that was made on your ecommerce business to make it better.

CRO’s aim is to get more customers from leads, sales,… and people also want to use CRO as a solution for old traditional phone call services.

Optimization Process

website-optimization-stepsThe process of optimization a website contains content, campaigns, shipment and further learning. These steps can be divided into six elements: collecting data, creating overall hypothesis, forming plan, running demo, analyzing statistic from demo, completing optimization.

a. Collecting Data

Data can be collected by setting up extensions based on your ecommerce website platform. Data can be geographic, contextual, demographic, behavioral, customer based, etc.

There are many platform providers can help your data optimization journey more effective and faster such as: Magento performance optimization provided by Magestore etc.. As they contain the tools for the whole optimization process too.


Understand the world of customers

One more important you can not miss during this step: collect detail feedback from shoppers about their experiences on your site, ask them how they feel when surfing and why they are not spending money on your site. However, do not give straight question but funny conversation.

b. Creating Overall hypothesis:

After collecting data, check out your site statistics and find out what the weaknesses of your site are. They lie in some place in which you pay attention: site’s bounce rate or exit rates, etc. Or the most or somewhere you don’t expect: site footer,… As you keep all data in your hand, you can study potential causes for parts which have poor performance then build a to do list for your ecommerce website optimization.

c. Forming Plan


grow your idea!

Your plan should be completed in no time when you have enough resources. Just one more thing to remember here, do not randomly put these potential optimizations. Why is that? Because there’re many factors affect your site and you must sure which is important the most then put them down in first priority.

d. Running Demo

Following your plan. Running your website optimizations. Identify changes that make your performance better, attract more shoppers, replace those that couldn’t solve your site problems.

e. Analyzing statistics from Demo


Data tells us all!

When your testing Demo has run enough times, you must have a look back on your site statistics to choose which hypotheses fulfill optimization plan. By doing that, you will get completed plan for your site optimization’s campaign.

f. Completing Optimization

Last but not least, the whole process should provide a result. Showing your optimizations to these customers and continuing to keep a close watch on your site performance. Remember, Conversion Rate Optimization is a long run campaign so don’t expect much from beginning. And don’t forget to go along your site everyday, make changes if needed.

Website Optimization Importances



a. Why is Optimazation Process become inportant?

Your visitors ( who can become leads or customers later) always want to dive in a part of convenient services and website optimization can help your site become “friendly” with those visitors. Visitors have problems need to be solved or just a question to be answered and they found your site. The more convenient they feel the more time they spend on your site. That’s when optimization show its value as it help your website making it easier for visitors to reach their goal.

To make it easier to understand. Let’s think about your most favorite ice cream brand. They want to increase the number of purchases made by people visiting their own website then they do this through website optimization, which is focused on analyzing every part of their site to grow up the conversion rate. This is why it’s important.

The CRO’s importance also comes from the effective around the marketing tale. This tale talked about ability to increase revenue for you own business by attracting new leads or loyal customers, reducing money spending on traditional marketing and providing better information to shoppers with their troubles.

b. To do list on optimizing

website-optimization-to-do-listI would like to present you some priorities to go with every kind of business have different outlines for optimization. Once you’ve kept this in your mind, you could determine what to do first to get your website to the right place. If you are still confusing, website optimization.

  • Landing Pages: Optimizing your landing pages is just like putting on makeup to go out on your first date. The more lovely you look the more she likes you. A landing page plays a vital part on whole process that visitors first come into contact with your site here. No matter what platform your website is, when landing pages show how visitors need your site, you are doing well. Trust your statistics, lower bounce rate and greater conversion tells you that people interested in your answer to their problems. However, do not confuse landing pages with home page.
  • Home Page: Home page is different from landing pages as he is a “magic” landing page. Home page can become “party invitation” to your visitors. They use home page as the pedants to drive them to your site’s world. Make your visitors feel comfortable so you can lead them to anywhere you want.
  • Checkout Progress: It sound familiar but check out progress really can be greater. This is the largest sources of chance for you to send your product’s information to visitors then say thanks to them. Moreover, an awesome goodbye can help you get these visitors back. On the contrary, too complicated checkout with multiple pages is the most problem leading to checkout abandonment, no more worry with this extension.
  • Conversion marks: the most popular way to get conversion from customer is completing a form. How about get your visitors behavior there? It’s not an QA game but a way to find out how many visitors care about your site. Focusing on these conversion marks can give ideas to make an optimization checklist. Or you can improve conversion with this new extension for Magento.

Those are what people usually do on website optimization process. In additional, it could have more than 4 elements to get your website perfectly optimized. The best answer is to look at your site performance to explore what your main ecommerce objectives are


We are living in the world of computer so do not miss any opportunity to seek success for your own ecommerce business. Website Optimization is not too difficult to learn but hard to bring out these lessons. Get experiences or fear of failure? It’s your own choice.


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