Top Magento 2 Marketplace Plugins

Magento Marketplace is one of the biggest Magento Plugins store owe by Magento. You can find any Magento 2 Marketplace Plugins, Magento Extensions from many providers in the world.

Magento 2 is an elite shopping cart that offers all the features, functionalities and facilities a company or an entrepreneur needs to run the course of its business into profitability. It’s fast, secure and compatible with diverse range of applications, platforms, and devices. But Magento 2 itself cannot accomplish your online business goals. Certain fulfillments must be met in order to achieve a productive level of activity on your Magento 2 website. To make sure you have the right gear to achieve that level, we have summarized the most useful Magento 2 tools into a list of 20 extensions that are a must for your store.

          1. Magento 2 Image Slider Extension

Image sliders are awesome when it comes to web design of your Magento 2 store. They are interactive and exhibit quite the appeal when placed at the right time and position. If you are interested in getting one, then Magento 2 image slider extension is a great choice for you.

It is a fully responsive & elegant image slider that supports editor for inserting content such as text, image, and video. It comes with OWL Carousel and can be displayed at any position of the user’s choosing with CMS and Widget. You get support 10 slides with tons of animation.

          2. Magento 2 Brand Marketplace Extension

Created to help customers find their products quickly without any unnecessary clicking and searching, Ves brand extension is a great package for users who need products sorted by brands or manufacturer. You can also show your brand logos block as you please on any position of the website. It comes with user-friendly features and rock solid functionality to live up to the Magento 2.0 expectations.

          3. Magento 2 Form Builder Extension

This Magento Form Builder  extension is a reliable upgrade to all your web forms that satisfy the needs and demands of the many website owners. WebForms Pro 2 gives a visual admin panel to drag and drop elements and form fields so you have full control over the content and its appearance. Being one of the most popular themes in Magento 2, it has an integrated user-friendly interface which is as simple as Google form.

          4. Magento 2 Product Slider Marketplace Plugin

Organize and showcase your list of products neatly and beautifully with Magento 2 product slider list extension. Instead of using the usual listing, Magento 2 Product Slider allows creating several slider titles such as bestsellers, new products, featured products, best deals products or most reviewed products. This extension gives a great functionality to the website by highlighting the products hence making them more susceptible to sale.

          5. Magento 2 Search Bar Extension

Having auto-search functionality is imperative for your website especially when you have an extensive list of products to sell on your online store. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete extensions give an effective solution for your customers who are searching for your products on the website. It’s a very responsive and feature rich extension that gives you suggestions while typing, relevant product results and sharp keyword matching.

          6. Magento 2 Capturly Visual Analytics Extension

Often small details matter the most. Even a well-developed and maintained website can be confusing to the visitors. An inconvenient user experience can lead to high bounce rates, low retention rates. These will affect the overall conversions of the website. Capturly offers a great solution that helps you save time and money. Instead of a complete redesign, you can inspect what your visitors are lacking on your website and with little effort achieve great results.

          7. Magento 2 Advance FAQ Extension

Create a list of questions on product detail page, get unlimited FAQ categories with a Q&A page with powerful search tools, show FAQ on the detail page and view answers in Accordion style. You can a nice popup feature with customization options for your interface with the help of FAQ extension for Magento 2. It’s a quite self-explanatory and easy to use extensions that give you an informative and SEO friendly FAQ page to guide customers.

          8. Magento 2 Advance Testimonials Extension

Increasing trust factor for your store is highly crucial when you are selling your products in a sea of competitors. Without giving customers reasons to trust you simply cannot sell your products effectively in today’s market. With Magento 2 Testimonials Marketplace Plugin you get customers’ accounts of your products and services to review then and then show them on your website to get higher engagement and conversions for your online store.

          9. Photo Gallery and Product Videos Extension

Create attractive photo galleries to improve the visual aspect of your Magento 2 store by displaying HD images of your products. You can cover products images, graphics, diagrams, infographics and company events on a separate image gallery page. You can also customize image title and description according to the type of image and your requirements. This improves your website engagement and generates more conversions on your store.

          10. Magento 2 Mega Menu Marketplace Plugin

For Magento 2 enthusiasts this extension is a must have. Magento 2 Mega Menu is a comprehensive extension that gives you an intuitive interface with drag and drop features. You can create a Professional vertical menu, horizontal menu and off canvas menu with simple steps. For better classification, you can utilize sub menus such as Dynamic Category Listing, Anchor Text, Product Listing, Product Grid, Default Category Listing and Content without editing CSS file.

          11. Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension

Most online stores are interested in selling their products faster, but ignoring the assurances a customer needs to purchase them. This creates problems and diminishes the trust and loyalty a customer gives to a store, especially when repeat business is involved. Magento 2 Order Tracking extension allows you to relieve users of their concerns about product tracking, its departure, and arrival at the destination. It takes customers directly to the tracking page without the need of signing in. Customers can then track the order in real-time through any tablet, smartphone or other handheld smart devices.

          12. Magento 2 Social Login Extension

Social media has become a necessity in every medium nowadays. It represents the user profile and gives access to unlimited information that is being shared online each day. With the Magento 2 Social login extension you can now allow access to customers at your website through 15+ social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram etc. It also includes login form with several appealing styles and templates. Customers get an easy login while you collect their data for future marketing campaigns and promotions.

          13. Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Marketplace Plugin

Make the shopping experience of your customers memorable and enjoyable with Magento 2 Marketplace Plugin. Customers can view products without clicking on any scroll down link as products load automatically without any interruption. With the help of AJAX based loading protocols, your users can freely scroll down the webpage and discover what page of the catalog they are currently on to get better information from your website.

          14. Magento 2 Reward Points Extension

Getting conversions from your old leads is just as important as getting it from new ones. Magento 2 Reward Points extension allows you to reactivate your old shoppers and bring them back to your store for more purchases by offering them reward points. The reward point system of this extensions is designed to engage old customers for more exciting discounts and attract new ones to get better deals on products.

          15. Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension

Get your lengthy and tiresome checkout process simplified and streamlined with the help of one-page checkout extension for Magento 2. With this tool you turn your traditional six-page checkout into one page, reducing checkout process and time involved in loading each page. This increasing your conversions and reduces checkout abandonments.

          16. Magento 2 Advance Attributes Extension

Advance Attributes extension gives you the ability to add and customized registration and checkout form fields according to your preference. You can add multiple fields of various type such as text, radio, checkbox, and multi-select on your forms and show them to your customers for acquiring valuable information. You can also hide and restrict customers by type to get personalized results from your form fields. The information your extract can be used for marketing campaigns in the targeted audience to get better conversions.

          17. Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

Talking about gathering conversions from old customers, this Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension gives email marketing a new meaning. Loaded with helpful tools, templates, and responsive features, your customers never slip down the drain and remain connected with your store through follow up emails even if they have visited it once. This helps you drive more sales and get a better understanding of customer behavior.

          18. Magento 2 Store Locator Extension

Equipped with the powerful Google Maps, your website gets the best global navigation system with several other useful features to help customers locate your brick and mortar stores in the fastest and the easiest means possible. It uses the customer’s location to through IP address and helps them provide all the available stores in their vicinity. To search for stores, the user can also search them by distance, Zip code, State and other parameters. It is a highly accurate and result oriented extension for Magento 2 platform users.

          19. Magento 2 Advanced Reports Extension

Getting a deep insight about your Magento store is imperative. You need reports about the performance of your website and how it is getting along with customers. With Magento Advance Reports Extension you get 28+ advanced reports based on various factors of your website such as products, category, coupon, customer groups and more. What’s more to it is that this extension is compatible with older version as well. You can get reports on Magento 1x without any issues which are normally the case when latest versions work with older ones.

          20. Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

Running a successful website without considering affiliate marketing is an opportunity too good to be missed. Affiliate marketing generates a force of marketers spreading the word out about your products and creating brand awareness for as much as nothing. These marketers and advertisers get a commission out from their successful leads and earn a satisfying amount, enough to keep up the good work up and running. Magento 2 Affiliate Marketing extension does exactly this. It turns your website into an affiliate marketing hub, inviting brands and websites to get registered and start opening sale channels towards your store. Being fully responsive, fast and easy to implement and operate, this extension is the perfect solution Magento users seeking pumped up conversions at the cost of just one self-magnificent tool.

          21. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Creating Gift Cards and gift codes in mass with different values now is easy as 1-2-3! You can let customers choose values from a range or by a fixed number. Then, customers just enter a value that meets your settings and check out normally.

Gift Cards cannot be easily used and controlled without flexible Gift Codes. Firstly, Gift Codes assist serving offline customers and rewarding them. If you want to generate Gift Codes in mass, you can use Gift Code pattern feature.

Gift Card Credit can be used for payment purposes, so customers can redeem gift codes for their Gift Card credit balance.

Having a Gift Card in hand, customers can use it to purchase items from your store instantly. In addition, they can manage their Gift Card with ease as all information about balance, status and expired dates is updated in My Account for each customer.


Magento 2 is a high-tech and feature full platform. With the recent updates, Magento team has worked up with the platform’s performance issued and improved speed, security and device compatibility to a remarkable level. But having a superior platform does not mean you will necessarily succeed in the e-commerce industry. Competition is not just confined to how a website performs in terms of loading time and client security, but also what level of user experience it delivers and the features it offers to the customers. To make sure your Magento store has everything up to mark, integrate these 19 Magento 2 extension on your online store and get increase your traffic, engagement, and conversions without compromising on your UX and UI.

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